Mind the Gap!

8 Aug

Your regularly scheduled International Drag King Community Extravaganza programming will resume in 2012.  In the mean time, Mind the Gap!

October 21st-23rd, Columbus, Ohio is coming alive with a host of the best drag, trans, genderfuck, burlesque, and femme performance royalty on the continent!  Produced by The Rev of Columbus, Ohio’s Royal Renegades, and Midwest Gender Queer, Mind the Gap! is a weekend of events surrounding what we know and love best – performing.


28 Oct

Thanks to everyone who cam out for Mind the Gap! It was such a wonderful experience!!!

Trans* Activism and Mind the Gap

15 Oct

October 22nd is an international day of action to Stop Trans Pathologization. In solidarity with this event, Mind the Gap will be promoting discussions and performances about trans pathologization and Gender Identity Disorders. For information, visit Stop Trans Pathologization or contact Midwest GenderQueer.

GAWD! Save the King!

26 Sep

Check out the poster for Saturday night’s show!

Sneak Peek Photo!

10 Sep

Midwest GenderQueer and The Rev doing a photo shoot for Mind the Gap’s showcase show, GAWD! Save the King!

[image: Midwest GenderQueer femme transguy with turquoise hair wearing a black English church hat, dark green Regency era style jacket with white cravat, purple lame’ skirt, and pink sparkly converse standing on one side of an old fence between two stone pillars. On the other side of the gate is The Rev, drag king with tall faux hawk brown hair in aviator sunglasses, red bowtie, black vest, pants, and black and white floral shirt. The Rev is leaning over the fence to kiss Midwest GenderQueer, who is looking off in to the distance coyly.]

Photo by j.w. gardiner

Submission Deadline Extended!

8 Sep

Because our lives are on Drag Time, Mind the Gap show submission deadlines have been extended to September 15th! Be sure t get those digs in so you don’t miss out on this revolutionary show!!!

Visit the Submissions Page for more information!

Travel Help!

20 Aug

All new travel information to help you get here! Check out the Travel page! We are also looking into travel stipends for performers to help you come out!